Saturday, 17 July 2010

Rail Yobs

Now the yobs are made from rails?

Thanks to Liz C for finding this one.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Row Joy

Thanks to Dan for this one.

It sounds like a very exciting row.

Sofa Rash

The idea of sofa rash makes me feel a bit sick.

Cherry Picker

I suppose this might only be funny, if like me you didn't know a cherry picker was a kind of crane thing.


I hope that this was just the full story without even a picture.

Threat Plea

I really don't like the sound of a 'threat plea'

Food Fear

Row Mum's

One Leg

To be fair they did refuse to sell him just 1 shoe.


The worst kind of moron.


Hammer Yob

What is a hammer yob? Is it a yob made of hammers? or a hammer which is yob?

First Post

I have a back catalogue of pictures which I will slowly add but first one of my all time favourites.